Management Consultants

We equip our clients with tools and best practices which will make them more competitive, leading them to maximize the profitability of their business. Our Management Consulting practice was born in an increasingly fierce competition and a more challenging economic context.

Although our nuclear business consists of investing, our active role managing portfolio companies provides us with real knowledge and expertise in fields like strategy, operations and turnarounds.

We love to share with others what we know, especially with entrepreneurs who are driven by ambition, perseverance, professionalism and strength.


Mergers, acquisitions and restructurings: M&A

Sell ​​or buy at the best price

We support our customers in their corporate operations in a transparent and professional manner.

Comprehensive Financial Advice

Maximize profitability

We assist companies in managing their financial resources so that their financial needs are adequately served.

Strategic solutions for your business

Take control of the company

We work alongside with our clients, focused on creating strategies that provide direction, flexibility and speed in adapting to the rapidly changing environment.

Advice to SMEs and family businesses

Improve competitiveness

We assist entrepreneurs to build sustainable competitive advantages at all levels, starting from a comprehensive initial diagnosis.


  • Identification of business opportunities.
  • Company and business valuation.
  • Management presentations.
  • Offering memorandum and teasers.
  • Preparation of the company for a future sell.
  • Data Room and Due Diligence.
  • NDA, LOI and Indication of interests.
  • Purchase agreement and negotiation.
  • Post-transaction integration.
  • Communication to third parties.
  • Diagnosis of the current situation.
  • Search for funding.
  • Renegotiation of debt.
  • Financial structuring and planning.
  • Operational finance.
  • Feasibility evaluation of projects.
  • Capital budgeting.
  • Corporate finance advisory.
  • Design and implementation of Finance practice.
  • Valuation of companies, partnerships, joint ventures and projects.
  • Corporate strategy design.
  • Sale strategy design.
  • Development of the marketing plan.
  • Design of pricing policies.
  • Balanced scorecard implementation.
  • Assessment of the feasibility of the business.
  • Organizational restructuring.
  • Analysis of market and industry.
  • Decision making strategies.
  • International development and green field growth.
  • Analysis of the cost structure.
  • Information Systems advisory.
  • Generational transition and family protocols.
  • Design processes and procedures.
  • Interim Management Services.
  • Analysis of operational efficiency.
  • Executive and management search.
  • Accounting and tax compliance.
  • Business outsourcing.
  • Management training and governance.